We are what we Snack!

A little about us!

My name is Sravani Mehta and I am a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of brain disorders. 

In my specialty, I deal with rehabilitation or the recovery of the brain, which gives me the unique perspective of healing and learning what makes a difference in recovery through observation of thousands of cases.

We know that the foods we eat make up our body. 

We also know that there are foods good for the body and some not so much.

Yet, there is no strong consensus in the medical community on how food choices affects our body's makeup. 

I don't know about the whole world, but my doctor that I saw since childhood to adulthood never questioned me regarding my food choices.

I realized early on in my training the difference that food makes in one's health and well-being which led me to explore this relationship further.  I quickly learned that the type of food we consume can affect physical and mental function as well as emotional! 

My curiously led me to understand how food and our body's function are connected at a deeper level, especially at the level of the brain. The foods that we eat have a profound impact on our energy level, physical and cognitive performance. 

The Brain is a Powerhouse

The brain is the control center of our body and is the most active metabolic organ in our body at rest. The brain weighs 2% of our body weight but demands 20% of our resting metabolic rate! The brain continuously uses large amounts of energy for an organ of its size. 

When our brain is tired, we are tired; when its energy level low, we are low. The key to making the brain healthier is to eat the foods that help build it rather than foods that slow it down!

Most of us do not have the time to cook up wholesome meals which is the reason we resort to fast foods and snacks. However choosing healthy options in this category of foods is very difficult as most of these are low in quality and high in quantity. I found that it was extremely challenging to find snacks that were good for your body. After much foraging, I found that it is entirely possible to make your brain and body healthier with diet alone with Snacks that are good for you!

What if there was a way we could snack all we want and thrive!  What if brain healthy snacks arrived at your doorstep (of your home) so that you can live better and love life! 

We are What we Snack! 

It turns out that the foods that keep the brain healthy also do good for the heart! I created this subscription box for everyone who eats snacks to improve health by eating snacks! Let's give the body the tools it wants and needs!

Superfoods in our diet help to provide a strong foundation as building blocks during the critical years of development. Kids and adults can mentally and physically thrive thanks to excellent nutritional foods that I have been able to obtain through hunting for the most amazing snacks I can get my hands on! 

Fall in Love with Snacks again and Do you Body good!